1.  What’s the membership fee?
For access to experts and leaders in various fields that will be part of the 3 2 B Free experience, it’s $50 a year.  Membership also provides a fast-track earning opportunity in order to help us grow our membership and the size of our representative force in the marketplace that can provide a substantial income opportunity.  Additionally, there will be generous bonuses for superior personal performance.  Your yearly membership fee includes entry to matrix participation, all volumes of the 3 2 B Free Entrepreneur’s Handbook (a $79.95 value), and a self-replicating website for easier management of your 3 2 B Free business efforts – a $99.95 value.

If you’re looking to add a modest supplement to your present income, there’s no membership fee at all to become an independent representative for the 3 2 B Free Entrepreneur’s Handbook Library.  You’ll receive a 40% commission net for each sale.  Upon sign-up, you’ll receive the 3 2 B Free Getting Started Guide – an invaluable tool designed to accelerate generation of revenue – which puts dollars in your pockets right away, and as a bonus for superior sales performance, once you’ve sold ten copies of the 3 2 B Free Entrepreneur’s Handbook Library to ten different people, your membership fee for your first year is free.

For all the details, get with the person who introduced you to us.

2.  How quickly are commissions paid?
Initial deposits take 3 to 5 business days from date of purchase to confirm that the required information has been submitted to us for payment and for the payment process to be approved.  Additionally, there’s lag time involved for linking bank accounts for direct deposit and/or for the desired method of payment to be fulfilled.  After the initial payment process has been completed, future payments will be received within 1 to 2 business days.  Commissions for matrix level performance are dependent upon the required level of the matrix being filled.

3.  Can commissions be paid in cryptocurrencies?
Yes.  You can specify which, among the most popular cryptocurrencies, you want your earned commission(s) paid.  Be aware that there are several factors involved in receiving payments via cryptocurrencies which may work to your disadvantage:  (1) cryptocurrencies tend to be highly volatile – which can, obviously, work both for and against you.  There’s no guarantee that the value of a particular cryptocurrency at the time of your scheduling a payment will be at the same level at time of execution; (2) cryptocurrency trading is especially in demand and because of the limited number of means of processing orders, there is often a “wait” time that can stretch into weeks, which again can tremendously impact your earnings depending on if the cryptocurrency is “up” or “down” at time of execution – and again, because of the volatility of the trade and demand on a limited number of processing outlets, you could either benefit or be hurt as the transaction is processed.  We recommend “banking” your earnings – taking your commissions in dollars – which, in our estimation, gives you both greater flexibility and control over your transaction(s).

Obviously, the decision is yours.

4.  Can commissions be paid via Google Pay?
Yes.  Once the purchase has been approved and funds transferred, payment is instantaneous.

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